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Juni 11, 2024
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Juni 11, 2024


300 % ROI

Merck Surface Solutions specializes in innovative surface treatments that enhance the aesthetic and functional qualities of products across various sectors, including automotive, cosmetics, and electronics. Their commitment to customer-centric innovation and sustainable solutions drives their continuous success in the marketplace.


Merck Surface Solutions confronted several organizational challenges. There was a strong need to develop a customer-centric approach that supports financial results and profitability.


Merck Surface Solutions and Human Skills developed a blended learning journey with a duration of 8–9 months. This framework included a strong focus on practical application and business results.


The training program significantly enhanced key competencies such as listening and questioning skills, and improved customer relationship management. Impressive business results were measured:

  • A closed sales volume of €9.6 million
  • An opportunity volume of €7.8 million
  • A calculated return on investment (ROI) of 300%

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